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ADW 2015

As the name, this exhibition is attractive in terms of design.

The production area exhibition was held at the Asahikawa Furniture Center at the end of June every year. In 2015, which was the 61st time, we renamed "ASAHIKAWA DESIGN WEEK" (ADW). The entire exhibition was supervised by Aoki, a creative director, and the installation was handled by an architect, Mr. Sosuke Fujimoto, and as the name implies, the exhibition was attractive in design. Over five days from June 24 to 28 during the meeting, more than 1.5 times as many as last year, and more than 4200 visitors were visited. The installation, which expresses "Asahikawa forest" by hanging a board made of road material from the ceiling, is installed everywhere in the venue, including the entrance, and it seems to have a different expression from the previous year. Column Vol.9 introduces the exhibition at the Asahikawa Furniture Center in such a ADW2015.


Adjust with theme color.

Tilted blue square shaped ADW2015 logos. A blue sky that can be sucked up and seen when standing down at Asahikawa Airport. The main color is clear blue with the benefits of the Dai-snowmountain system, represented by the street and Asahikawa in the river. The square, which is conceived from the event-related MAKE SQUARE, is designed with the slope of Hokkaido at 33 degrees. The entire exhibition was coordinated in this color and form, and the signboards of the manufacturer's name affixed to each booth were also in the form of this logo. In addition, SORAHE and half chair Op. 1 were painted on this theme color at Maveltoco. Refreshing blue in a crisp shape. It's well suited, isn't it?


Tole painting.

Tole painting is a craftsmanship that paints furniture and walls as decorations. It draws flowers, ivy, small birds and landscapes to create a glorious appearance. At Asahikawa Furniture, there are many colorless products that leave the texture of the solid wood intact, but this exhibition presents the design. One of the new design attempts was a chest exhibited at Creative Furniture's booth, where overseas artists applied torpedo painting to their own products. The furniture that leaves the texture of the wood is wonderful, but this painted design is also good. In addition, new styles are being created one after another, including furniture made of different materials, such as funnel iron and glass, in addition to wood.


Predictive design.

Rotable announced by Yamamura Wooden Works. This is exactly what we call "designed furniture." In top panel, the four-legged type differs from the basic type of table, but it certainly functions as a table while being shaped like an art work. Although it is a designed form, the fabrication uses traditional woodworking furniture techniques, and where the highest grade material is used is the Asahikawa furniture. This novel table designer is Mr. Moto, who learned design in Italy, and is also involved in the LINEA series of Yamamuchi Kiko. In the usual Yamamuchi woodworking booth, there was a line of box furniture, including artistic tones, but the ADW2015 booth was just as finished in a museum-like space.

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