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About Asahikawa Craft

About Asahikawa Craft

Holding a variety of thought, it finished detail.

The city of furniture Asahikawa is also a city of craft, large and small more than 100 workshops and manufacturers exist.
1960s, pheasant ground product had a parts manufacture of furniture (by rotating the material in the machine, there technology shave against the cutlery) craftsmen of, started making the original product to use the technology, "wooden base 挽物 business associations (now kraft Promotion Association)" has been formed.
The period of high economic growth, furniture parts production despite the under boom, only subcontractor of furniture manufacturers forecast that stuck in the future, unions improvement and development of original products of technology, development of distribution channels, organization of exhibition we will proactively, and the like. In addition, in 1989, it was established consisting of designers and craftsmen "Asahikawa Craft Design Association (ACDA)" is, such as holding the exhibition in the Tokyo metropolitan area, will begin aggressive activity. In this way, each two populations of ACDA and the craft spread Association, went boost the craft of Asahikawa with each other and work hard. In 2008, Asahikawa Craft Council by the support company of Asahikawa Craft Promotion Association and the Asahikawa Craft Design Association "Accra" is born.
Full of a lot of things, what is required, Hyundai is also diversifying what is pleasing. Holding a variety of thoughts "I want to nurture the young," "for those who use, deliver you want the good stuff." "I want to improve the region", Asahikawa of the craft industry has been active.

To cherish things.

In modern mass production mass consumption, you may forget to cherish things. Along with the decline in prices, because those can buy cheaper, if those who bought a new one than to use and repair is cheaper. Immediate replacement ... does it really This status quo is really good when it is no longer used?
That to cherish the things, very important thing in protecting the natural environment. Increasing variety of recycling methods in the current, eco-consciousness of the world is high. Each and every By a little bit of effort, it leads to protect the environment. Workshop that produced the Asahikawa craft, the manufacturer, has been very important the wood I got from nature. The "heart to cherish the things", I hope you'll feel through its products.

And diligently because it can.

Will no matter how out also end material cut out the tree thinking. If you try to effective use of end material that is as it becomes just "garbage", has born the goods in a variety of ideas. Since any such thing, which was born from the finest materials, has a very fine texture.
Sometimes as building blocks for children to play, as the tray sometimes drifting adult atmosphere. Not only the end material, wood chips also, cold region of the important resources in Hokkaido you can do when you cut the tree. It has been used as fuel for firing a fire to keep warm. The grown trees over the years, used up so that there is no waste. Also this day, whether or not cut - to use a timber that I got from nature if, and trial and error.


"High craftsmanship force" will be cited as the evaluation to Asahikawa craft. The reason for this is located in the young development system. Young craftsmen are working on products manufactured with friendly competition with each other. Young engineers to participate actively in the "Skill Olympics National Convention" to compete the arm, since 1964, has produced each year many of the winners.
In addition, craftsmen also not uncommon workshop to engage in all alone. Because it is not a mass production, we have to cherish the "fun and create it." And fun design, processing a tree, with great feelings to each and every item ... transmitted to the people who use its feelings, we dreamed to be able to sympathize the "fun".
Young power and technical capabilities, and feelings for the products make up the Asahikawa craft.