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About Asahikawa Craft

About Asahikawa Craft

Completed details with various thinking.

Asahikawa, a town of furniture, is also a town of craft, and there are more than 100 studio and manufacturers of large and small furniture. In the 1960s, craftsmen of wooden ground grinders (a technique in which materials are rotated by machines and cutlery is applied to them) who manufactured furniture components began to make original products using those technologies, and the Wooden Ground Businesses Association (currently the craft Popularization Association) was formed. In spite of the high economic growth period in which furniture parts manufacturing is booming, the future is expected to be stuck only by subcontractors of furniture manufacturers, and the union will actively work to improve technology, develop original products, develop distribution routes, and hold exhibitions of products. In 1989, the Asahikawa Art Design Association (ACDA), which consists of designers and artists, was established to launch active activities such as holding exhibitions in the metropolitan area. In this way, each of the two groups of the ACDA and the craft Diffusion Society has worked together to cultivate the Asahikawa craft. In 2008, the Asahikawa craft Conference "Aqua" will be born by companies sponsored by the Asahikawa craft Promotion Association and the Asahikawa Industrial Design Association. Today, many things are overflowing, what is required, and what is pleased are diversified. Asahikawa's craft industries are working with a variety of ideas to "provide customers with good products," "improve the community," and "cultivate young people."

Cherish things what we have.

In a modern era of mass production mass consumption, we may forget to value things. Along with the drop in prices, items can be purchased cheaply, so even when it is cheaper to buy a new one than to use it after repairing it. If it becomes unusable, I bought it right away. Is this the current situation really good? It is extremely important to preserve the natural environment by conserving things. Today, a variety of recycling methods are increasing, and eco-consciousness in the world is rising. A slight effort by each individual contributes to the protection of the environment. The studio and manufacturers, who produce the Asahikawa craft, place great importance on the wood they receive from the natural environment. We are pleased if you feel "the spirit of valuing things" through your products.

Enfort what we can do.

No matter how you think about cutting out wood, it will result in scraps coming out.A variety of ideas are used to create products that effectively utilize scraps that would otherwise be simply "garbage."They are all made from top-quality materials, so they have a very high-quality texture.Sometimes as a pile of wood played by children, and sometimes as a tray that floats in the atmosphere of adults. In addition to scrap wood, wood chips produced when wood is shaved are important resources in Hokkaido, a cold region.It is used as fuel to burn fire to warm it.We use up trees grown over a long period of time without waste.Today, too, we are trying and experimenting with how we can use the wood we receive from the natural environment.


"The high level of technological expertise of craftsmen" is one of our evaluations of the Asahikawa craft. The reason for this is the young development system.Young artisans work together to produce products.We actively participated in the National Skills Olympics, where young engineers compete for their arms, and since 1964, we have produced a large number of winners every year. In addition, there are not a few studio where artisans operate alone.Since it is not mass production, it is important to "create enjoyably". Designing with pleasure, processing wood, and making every idea into a single product. We hope that this idea will be conveyed to those who use it, and that we can sympathize with "enjoyment".Young and technological expertise, as well as our desire for products, create the Asahikawa craft.