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  • Solid Wood

    We will introduce the section-cracking that exists not a little to the pros and cons and the solid wood of the seam with a single plate.

  • About Wood

    The main tree species seven types covered in our shop is an introduction. So are me for each of the species of the feature, please utilize all means.

  • About Paint

    It is essential painting in order to use longer. The coating method Please understand, please use with confidence.

  • Maintenance Cloth

    Fabric, synthetic leather, we introduce for the day-to-day maintenance method is divided into different types, such as leather.

  • Choice Table

    We will suggest is to the standards of height and width so that it can choose in an optimal size to your room.

  • Maintenance Furniture

    It is the secret of for you to spend fun and solid furniture, such as knowledge and How to Care for use longer.

  • About Clock

    It summarizes the basic knowledge of the watch from various angles. We hope you are able to as a reference for when choosing a watch.