Basic Knowledge | Asahikawa Furniture online shop which particular about solid wood furniture | MUKU Kobo
  • Solid wood features

    Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a single plate and a joint, as well as the wood knot and cracks that exist in solid wood.

  • About Wood

    This is an introduction to seven major tree species types handled by our store.

  • About Paint

    Please be sure to use the features of each tree species.Understand the painting method and use it without worry.

  • Cloth Maintenance

    This section introduces daily maintenance methods for each type of fabric, synthetic leather, real leather, etc.

  • Choosing Method of Table

    We propose the standard height and width so that you can choose the optimum size for your room.

  • Furniture Maintenance

    This is a key to enjoying enjoyable use with solid furniture, such as knowledge for longer use and care methods.

  • About Clock

    Basic knowledge of watches is summarized from various angles.We would be happy if you could refer to it when choosing a watch.