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  • Möbel Toko

    "Veneer board" called a precious wood veneer.The beauty of wood is brought out by the use of wood.

  • cosine

    At the beginning of all, the idea of "Do not treat raw materials roughly" was born.

  • Early Times α

    Teaching from the foreman who continues to challenge and finds new value."Coexistence of People and Machines".

  • Yamaoka Wood Industry

    Established in 1942 and matured in a unique style through the consistency of materials, lumber, and processing, I am proud and dignified.

  • Sasaki Industrial Arts

    A group of workers who think voluntarily without being taught by anyone "continuing to take on the challenge".

  • Takumi Industrial Arts

    Workplace for young workers who are proud to be professionally aware with flexible ideas and top-class technology.

  • Miyata Industry

    There is a reason for the real professional and comfort of not leaving a compromise of as much as 1%.

  • Interior Hokusho Stadio

    Think of "priorities" as a matter of course.The answer of a craftsman who is thoroughly familiar with the real thing is to design the feeling of material.

  • Hokurei Artisan

    Think of "priorities" as a matter of course.The answer of a craftsman who is thoroughly familiar with the real thing is to design the feeling of material.

  • Interior NASU

    Each of them moves in synchronization with each other.

  • Taisetsu Wood Work

    Large woodworking furniture factory, reasonably calculated in all materials, machinery, and processing processes.

  • Tanno Factory

    There is no corporate secrecy.It has the idea of a precision woodworking arm that cannot be imitated.

  • Art Craft BAU Studio

    The skill passed down from the father to the son, knowledge of the tree, and playfulness.

  • Leaf Style

    The encounter with wood is a single meeting.At the same time, I would like to use up the wood that passes in front of me to the end.


    Training in Italy and converged to Japanese traditions.Beautiful design comes from beautiful drawing.

  • Craft So

    An object born from a great nature that is shaped like an idea of creating a mind that loves nature.

  • Takahashi Industrial Arts

    Materials, tools, and the most important skill.We will continue from a small workspace to the latest state of the age while protecting the tradition of grounding.


    CHLimited is limited to Candy House products."Loved for a long time, use and relay" Special furniture for you only.

  • Create Furniture

    Love the old and create a new one. Next-generation Asahikawa furniture that creates an evolved design while protecting tradition.

  • Wood & Living of Studio

    Customers, wood, and craftsmen.We are constantly making furniture without forgetting "concern" to the surroundings.

  • Interior Ezo

    Take the tradition into account and introduce new ones as necessary.The key to being respected for its particular commitment.

  • Studio akarino-tane

    Warmth into the lamp. In the small workshop of the couple , they keep creating the lighting is surrounded by warmth.

  • Yamamuro Furniture

    "I want to make the marks of handiwork that I have left today resonate with the hearts of people 100 years from now."With this in our mind, we work hard every day to make things.