Brand Introduction | Asahikawa Furniture online shop which particular about solid wood furniture | MUKU Kobo
  • Möbel Toko

    "Veneer board" called a precious wood veneer.The beauty of wood is brought out by the use of wood.

  • cosine

    At the beginning of all, the idea of "Do not treat raw materials roughly" was born.

  • Early Times α

    Teaching from the foreman who continues to challenge and finds new value."Coexistence of People and Machines".

  • Yamaoka Wood Industry

    Established in 1942 and matured in a unique style through the consistency of materials, lumber, and processing, I am proud and dignified.

  • Sasaki Industrial Arts

    A group of workers who think voluntarily without being taught by anyone "continuing to take on the challenge".

  • Takumi Industrial Arts

    Workplace for young workers who are proud to be professionally aware with flexible ideas and top-class technology.

  • Miyata Industry

    There is a reason for the real professional and comfort of not leaving a compromise of as much as 1%.

  • Interior Hokusho Stadio

    Think of "priorities" as a matter of course.The answer of a craftsman who is thoroughly familiar with the real thing is to design the feeling of material.

  • Hokurei Artisan

    Think of "priorities" as a matter of course.The answer of a craftsman who is thoroughly familiar with the real thing is to design the feeling of material.

  • Taisetsu Wood Work

    Large woodworking furniture factory, reasonably calculated in all materials, machinery, and processing processes.

  • Tanno Factory

    There is no corporate secrecy.It has the idea of a precision woodworking arm that cannot be imitated.

  • Art Craft BAU Studio

    The skill passed down from the father to the son, knowledge of the tree, and playfulness.

  • Leaf Style

    The encounter with wood is a single meeting.At the same time, I would like to use up the wood that passes in front of me to the end.


    Training in Italy and converged to Japanese traditions.Beautiful design comes from beautiful drawing.

  • Craft So

    An object born from a great nature that is shaped like an idea of creating a mind that loves nature.

  • Takahashi Industrial Arts

    Materials, tools, and the most important skill.We will continue from a small workspace to the latest state of the age while protecting the tradition of grounding.

  • Create Furniture

    Love the old and create a new one. Next-generation Asahikawa furniture that creates an evolved design while protecting tradition.

  • Wood & Living of Studio

    Customers, wood, and craftsmen.We are constantly making furniture without forgetting "concern" to the surroundings.

  • Interior Ezo

    Take the tradition into account and introduce new ones as necessary.The key to being respected for its particular commitment.

  • Studio akarino-tane

    Warmth into the lamp. In the small workshop of the couple , they keep creating the lighting is surrounded by warmth.

  • Yamamuro Furniture

    "I want to make the marks of handiwork that I have left today resonate with the hearts of people 100 years from now."With this in our mind, we work hard every day to make things.

  • ibata interior

    Knowledge and technique of seeing trees, which have been polished for generations through the power of wisdom, is the cornerstone of Ibata Interior.

  • shirakawa

    We will continue to create new traditions by assessing the essence of monozukuri and valuing our pride as a master of modern Hida.

  • HIDA

    We want to create furniture that can be passed on for longer than the time spent growing in the forest. And create furniture that makes the most of our limited natural resources and the lives of nature.

  • France Bed

    They want to deliver the best comfort for the Japanese. Japanese craftsmanship where the spirit of hospitality resides.

  • Moare

    A product based on the "comfort" created by the synergy between the warmth of natural wood and the beauty of the light continues to be born.

  • Shigeno Chest

    Its outstanding craftsmanship has a great meaning as "trust," and "Kamo's Paulownia Chest" is the beauty and history of traditional crafts itself.

  • Hida Forest

    Considering people and the environment, "Hida's Master" continues to advance with its ability to execute and its flexible conceptualization.

  • Suzuki sculptures

    Ichii woodcarvings's technique has been handed down from about 1800 in Hida Takayama without interruption.

  • Furniture Workshop Kijiya

    The sophisticated skills of young craftsmen, who maximize the appeal of wood, will transform the furniture into furniture that can be used for more than a hundred years.

  • Craft RINKUL Brand Introduction

    If you don't try, you won't know anything.I want to constantly pursue it and show people what I can persuade myself.