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Japan-made solid cabinet to make the Asahikawa furniture

Fine solid Produce a natural feeling.

The shop has a lineup only the products of one of Japan's leading furniture of the city "Asahikawa". The skills and knowledge that has been cultivated among the long history and nature, we carefully selected the generously poured furniture. Incorporating always new ideas while taking over the traditional method of construction, also size and design, as well, such as material wealth of expansion, it has gained a good reputation towards all generations.
Such we would like to recommend "Asahikawa of storage furniture". There are many inexpensive to mass retailers, but, when exposed to public eye, such as living room and kitchen, it will dictates the impression of the house. It is not exactly cheap, but the gem Gotham come in strong and tired. It is also attractive to increase the taste due to aging. Tsukiaeru many years, please find a single of the much-valued.