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Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger

Solid coat hanger stand made in Japan to make the Asahikawa furniture

An innocent supporting role to entertain customers.

Where do you put small items such as coats and bags that you took off when you got home? I think most people put them temporarily on the sofa, etc. and put them in the closet after they calm down.It is difficult to store it immediately due to fatigue and busyness, thinking that an important coat or the like may have an unseemly wrinkle on it.
"Court Hunger"" plays an important role in such an occasion.From stylish things like standing trees to smart designs that emphasize functionality, we have all picked them up in Japan's leading furniture town of Asahikawa.The products created through the techniques and knowledge cultivated over a long period of time and in the midst of great nature are constantly pursuing novelty while inheriting traditional construction methods.There are also plenty of small items perfect for coat hangers.