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Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger

Solid coat hanger stand made in Japan to make the Asahikawa furniture

Name supporting role of the innocent to entertain the customers.

Where do you put the small items such as take off's coat or bag when you got home? Most of it is temporarily placed, such as the sofa, I think that is put away in the closet from calm. While think might stick unsightly wrinkles such as the precious coat, it is hard to storage immediately from the tired and busy.
To big success in such a case is, this "coat hanger". From the stylish things such as trees, up to smart design with an emphasis on functionality, all strawberries in Japan's leading furniture of the city "Asahikawa". Goods produced in cultivated the skills and knowledge among the long history and nature is always also pursuing newness while taking over the traditional method of construction. Perfect for small parts in the coat hanger is also substantial.