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  • Shimokawa Town Craft So

    In order to devote all of life style to craft making, we will introduce the USUDA Mr. Craft So who emigrated to Shimokawa.

  • Asahikawa Craft Exhibition 2017

    Asahikawa Craft Exhibition manufacturers and craftsmen, students work aspiring designers to work on craft works gather under one roof.

  • IFDA2017

    I have interviewed the International Furniture Design Fair IFDA2017 greet the 10th to be commemorated at this time.

  • The 19th completed research Exhibition

    It has been bother you to complete research Exhibition of Hokkaido Asahikawa Higher Technical School, which is held every February.

  • IFFT2015

    Following on from last year, I was allowed to interview one of the largest furniture and interior international trade fair IFFT2015 Japan.

  • Rakuten Crimson House

    To its new building "Rakuten Crimson House" conference room of Rakuten, Inc., we were allowed to deliver the furniture from our shop.

  • Taiwan Kitaro Co., Ltd.

    MUKU workshop launched a subsidiary in Taiwan, started the sales business. Introducing the furniture situation and MUKU workshop Taiwan Taiwan.

  • ADW2015

    Origin Exhibition of Asahikawa Furniture Center is renewed, reborn as "ASAHIKAWA DESIGN WEEK".

  • Mokumoku Festa 2015

    Mokumoku Festa Asahikawa woodworking center sponsored is a woodworking festival by manufacturing manufacturers.

  • Takumi Industrial Arts showrooms

    Introducing the popular Takumi Industrial Arts showrooms in mushroom stool Animal stool.

  • WorldSkills International Convention 2015

    I have heard the story from the 43rd WorldSkills Kandihausu Chiaki Nakayama, who achieved the first woman of the feat in the international tournament.

  • Forest cosine

    cosine is the brook flows into the 47,000 square meters of forest owned, is lined with trees of about 20 types.

  • NOCRA Tokyo store

    Will introduce the state of the popular Sasaki crafts retail stores NOCRA in business items and household goods.

  • cosine Aoyama

    Aoyama there a fashionable corner called the interior street. Some of the shop has spread the world view of the cosine.

  • IFFT2014(2)

    IFFT The second part will introduce each exhibitor manufacturer of Asahikawa furniture booth and IFFT special corner "the Hotel".

  • IFFT2014(1)

    IFFT In the first part will introduce the booth of "IFDA" booth and the "furniture Asahikawa project of the individual tree" of.