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Company Profile

Company Profile

We will do our best to meet your expectations.

Asahikawa, Hokkaido of furniture making is, the inheritance of tradition and technology, efforts seriously is more senior in the industry have a firm belief of manufacturing, we have been pushing forward step by step as a regional brand with the history. We "MUKU workshop" and, at the same time convey the charm and feelings of making also Asahikawa furniture, measure the communication actually through the customers and the Internet, such as is said to "have grown up using the Asahikawa furniture", the Asahikawa furniture it is vision to create a sales company representative.
Since its opening in Rakuten market in September 2006, is leaving the sales performance that exceeds the total 1000 units a solid table to date, your support to customers across the country with the hope that "I want to incorporate a high-quality solid wood furniture." we, we reached today.

  • 2006October

    Rakuten MUKU Kobo open

    From solid wood table, started selling Asahikawa Furniture site "MUKU Kobo (Furniture & Craft)" in Rakuten market.

  • 2007October

    Photo studio opened

    We opened a photo studio specializing in furniture to convey more attractiveness.

    Access : about 81,672 people
    Viewed : about 452,640 pages

  • 2010April

    Rewarded the Week award of Rakuten shop

    Among Japan's largest shopping mall "Rakuten market", selected to the best shop of the week.

    Access : about 81,672 people
    Viewed : about 452,640 pages
    Maker : 20 companies

  • 2012August

    Number of items exceeded 1000 items

    Access : about 335,179 people
    Viewed : about 1,943,379 pages
    Maker : 28 companies

  • 2014July

    Rewarded the the maximization Award of Rakuten EXPO customer satisfaction

    From Rakuten, it won the "maximize Award of Rakuten EXPO customer satisfaction", which is given to each of the seven out of more than opening a store 40,000 shops area.

    Access : about 523,482 people
    Viewed : about 2,326,651 pages
    Maker : 34 companies
    Items : 1500 items

  • 2015June

    Established a subsidiary in Taiwan

    Established a local corporation in Taiwan with a loan from Asahikawa Shinkin Bank. Opened MUKU Studio at each Taiwan mail order site. Achieve overseas expansion.

  • 2015October

    MUKU Kobo head office reopened

    Launched MUKU Studio's own online shop. The service which could not be supplemented with Rakuten site are also expanded.

    Maker : 41 companies
    Items : 2000 items

  • 2015December

    Develop Sasaki crafts and collaboration products

    Collaboration products with Sasaki crafts, sell WoodyXmas (Woody Christmas).
    It is introduced in the information magazine "graph Asahikawa 2015 December issue".

    Access : about 1,217,114 people
    Viewed : about 4,849,159 pages

  • 2016October

    Develop a cosine and collaboration products

    Sales collaboration products, the jeans rack of the cosine.
    It is introduced in such as Hokkaido Shimbun and information magazine.

  • 2016October

    MUKU Kobo 10th anniversary

    Celebrating its 10th anniversary since the establishment of Rakuten MUKU Studio.

    Access : about 1,922,342 people
    Viewed : about 7,859,115 pages

Our shop is the most important,
provide a stable service.

Our thanks like, we have won the sales of more than 10 years, but it is "the provision of stable services," which is the most important among them.
We handle a good product quality, but the actual amount that can not become a product to see, after the purchase even before you buy so that it can purchase with confidence to our customers also offers the services of a much as possible.
Also from customers Itadakimashita use the shop until now, have gotten high your voice evaluation, such as call centers and repair reception, so as not to disappoint and its voice, we will further aim to provide high quality service .

We will work in the spirit of
"Asahikawa furniture making beauty and Charter".

There are provisions that showed the aspirations of the creators of the Asahikawa furniture "Asahikawa furniture making beauty and Charter". Feelings of precisely because the region surrounded by the forest of the blessed Daisetsuzan system will not appear in this Charter.

[Asahikawa furniture making beauty and Charter]
1. who create what is pleased.
2. does not waste the life of the tree.
3. make only sentence required a high-quality ones.
4. so that you can continue to use and repair.
5. grow and furniture manufacturing beauty of the next generation.

Using only carefully selected materials,
we aim to hundred years furniture.

When I was a golden age of domestic hardwood timber is a hardwood of Hokkaido, it had financed all the Japanese market of wood. Gradually Japan production is depleted, changes to the exotic, the hardwood city of timber is being held is, it has become only to Hokkaido. Furniture craftsmen of Asahikawa looking at the raw wood City in such a familiar, you have Good not bottomless pit to the material. It narrates the life of the tree see through the high-quality material from such as the butt, and taking the first step of furniture making.
In addition, Hokkaido dry climate is the storage location of looking for wood to hate the humidity. But if not enough drying is made, after which arrived at hand of the production process and customers, such as cracks and cracks will occur. The water content, which is also 50 to 70 percent in living trees is, from one to three years and a half in the natural dry, drop the water content further to 8% over a period of even more time than two weeks in the artificial drying using a boiler. Good quality of the material deviation is less likely to occur, such as expansion or contraction is what, aim a hundred years furniture, to become a perfect furniture making, is one of the processes that Asahikawa furniture is to cherish.

A high-performance machine technology and skilled workers of craftsmanship,
do not compromise at all.

High, and was uniformly finished material by the hand of operatives. Sufficient strength is obtained, stand out the beauty of the finish, the basic structure. By one person one person overlay precision work, furniture who is referred to as the "household goods" from Asahikawa has been sent into the world.
"Do a machine that can be a machine." Even though the handmade furniture, not all of the work is made by craftsmen. The Woodworking Machinery raise the work efficiency, we can reduce the cost. Precisely because it craftsman who knows that the tree you literate machine.
Make furniture Tsukiaeru life. Through the hands of the craftsmen who knows the tree, it will be delivered.

We offer a pleasant time to live
in wooden furniture to everyone.

We will propose the Asahikawa furniture that it can be said that the net domestic pinnacle from various angles. To meet our customers each and every of the various needs, so that we can help our customers only important space creation of, please call your phone and please feel free peace of mind.
Customer Center is the most familiar consultation counter of furniture, it is one of the places that lead us and our customers directly. Customer's request quickly understand, thinking how can I support, I try to be polite to your guide. I am sincerely happy with every one of our customers, we have always believed that as you give solid wood furniture and lasting for reading this.

Sales agency Kitaro Co., Ltd.
Operations vice president Daisuke Nagahara
Location Hokkaido Asahikawa-shi Nagayama Kita 3 6chome 3-22
TEL +81-800-800-8334
FAX number 0166-26-6585
E-mail order@muku-store.com
Hours 9:30~17:00
Closed Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
※ For special holidays, please refer to the calendar.
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