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Company Profile

Company Profile

We will do our best to meet your expectations.

In Asahikawa, Hokkaido, the making of furniture is a tradition and a succession of technology, and our seniors in the industry have taken a serious approach with a firm belief in manufacturing. MUKU Kobo is a company that represents Asahikawa Furniture, which communicates the charms and thoughts of Asahikawa Furniture Manufacturing and communicates with customers through the Internet.
Similarly, we aim to create the vision of Asahikawa Furniture's representative sales company. Since opening in Rakuten Ichiba in September 2006, we have sold more than 1000 solid tables to date, and we supported by customers nationwide and oversea who have a desire to high-quality solid furniture.

  • 2006October

    Rakuten MUKU Kobo opened

    Opened MUKU Kobo (furniture & craft)in Rakuten Ichiba, an online shop for Asahikawa furniture, with a focus on solid board tables.

  • 2007October

    Photo studio opened

    In order to convey more attractiveness, a photo studio dedicated to furniture is opened.

    Access : about 81,672 people
    Viewed : about 452,640 pages

  • 2010April

    Rewarded the Week award of Rakuten shop

    Selected as the best shop of the week from Rakuten Ichiba, Japan's largest shopping mall.

    Access : about 81,672 people
    Viewed : about 452,640 pages
    Maker : 20 companies

  • 2012August

    1,000 items exceeded

    Access : about 335,179 people
    Viewed : about 1,943,379 pages
    Maker : 28 companies

  • 2014July

    Rewarded the the maximization Award of Rakuten EXPO customer satisfaction

    From Rakuten, it won the "maximize Award of Rakuten EXPO customer satisfaction", which is given to each of the seven out of more than opening a store 40,000 shops area.

    Access : about 523,482 people
    Viewed : about 2,326,651 pages
    Maker : 34 companies
    Items : 1500 items

  • 2015June

    Established a subsidiary in Taiwan

    Established a local subsidiary in Taiwan with a loan from Asahikawa Shinkin Bank. Opened MUKU studio on each Taiwan mail order site. Play the coast.

  • 2015October

    MUKU Kobo official online shop reopened

    MUKU Kobo's official online shop was established. Services that could not be supplemented by the Rakuten website alone are expanding.

    Maker : 41 companies
    Items : 2000 items

  • 2015December

    Developed collaboration products with Sasaki Industrial Arts.

    Selling Woody Xmas (Woody Christmas), a collaboration product with Sasaki Industrial Arts.
    Introduced in the information magazine Graph Asahikawa December 2015.

    Access : about 1,217,114 people
    Viewed : about 4,849,159 pages

  • 2016October

    Develop a cosine and collaboration products

    Sales collaboration products, the jeans rack of the cosine.
    It is introduced in such as Hokkaido Shimbun and information magazine.

  • 2016October

    MUKU Kobo 10th anniversary

    10 years since the opening of Rakuten MUKU Studio.
    Access : about 1,922,342 people
    Viewed : about 7,859,115 pages

Providing stable service that our store values ​​most.

Thanks for everyone so that our shop has been selling for more than 10 years, the most important of which is" providing stable service ". Although we handle high quality products, we provide as much service as possible before and after purchase so that customers can purchase with confidence because they can not actually see the product. Customers who have used our store have received highly evaluated voices such as call centers and repair receptionists, and we will aim to provide higher quality services so that we do not betray that voice and expectations.

We work with the spirit of "Asahikawa Furniture Creation Charter".

There is a clause," Asahikawa Furniture Creation Charter",which indicates the creator of Asahikawa Furniture. This charter reflects the wishes of the region, which is surrounded by the blessed Daisetsuzan forest.

[Asahikawa Furniture Creation Charter]
1. Create something that people will love.
2. Don't waste wood.
3. Make as many high quality products as needed.
4. Repair and keep using.
5. Raise the next generation of furniture makers.

Using only carefully selected materials,
we aim at furniture that can be passed down for centuries.

In the heyday of Japanese-made hardwood logs, hardwood products made in Hokkaido supported the entire Japanese material market. Then the Japanese-made wood market shrank, and the market trend gradually changed to mainly imported materials from foreign countries. The broadleaf log market that has left Hokkaido is still in operation. Asahikawa furniture craftsmen who continue to watch the log market around them have an unknown and unlimited adherence to the materials. The quality of the wood can be seen from the wood cuts that tell the story of the life of wood Materials, began to take the first step in furniture manufacturing.
In addition, Hokkaido, which has a dry climate, is an ideal place to store wood that hates humidity. Even so, if the wood is not sufficiently dried, cracks or slight cracks are likely to occur during the manufacturing process or after guests receive the goods. The freshly cut raw wood has a moisture content of about 50 to 70%. After one and a half to three years of natural drying, it needs to be further dried manually with a boiler, and it takes more than two weeks to let the wood Water content to 8%. It is precisely because it is a high-quality material that is not prone to violent expansion and contraction, so we can target a century of furniture. This is also one of the processes that Asahikawa Furniture attaches importance to becoming a perfect furniture manufacturer.

There is no compromise on high-performance mechanical technology and skilled craftsmanship.

High-level and uniform material trimmed by the hands of skilled craftsmen. After trimming, it becomes a beautiful basic structure with considerable strength and bright appearance. It was born after one-by-one fine work Asahikawa, furniture that everyone calls "home money" can be delivered to the market.
"The part that the mechanical energy can do is left to the machine." Even if it is called handmade furniture, it does not mean that all the work is made by the hands of a craftsman. The use of woodworking machinery can improve work efficiency and reduce costs. It is precisely because of the craftsman who is proficient in wood characteristics that he is able to skillfully control the machine. Make furniture that will last you a lifetime. The finished product is delivered to you by the hands of an artisan who is proficient in wood characteristics.

Large furniture will be finished products be delivered.

When considering the purchase of large-scale furniture such as tables, you must have a lot of trouble in moving and combining the furniture. MUKU kobo provides the finished product placement service for oversea shipping, so that you don’t have to move heavy and large furniture by yourself. We also provide floor protection pads according to the size of the product.
※Sometimes it will be changed to the most suitable delivery company according to different circumstances such as region, lightweight items, etc. Please understand.
※Some furniture does not provide foot pads due to their shape.

We will provide you with wooden furniture that can satisfy your body and mind.

In order to respond to the same and different needs of guests, and to help guests create their own precious space. Please feel free to call us when you need.
The customer service center is the closest to your furniture consultation window, and it is also where we can contact customers directly. After quickly understanding the needs of the guests, while thinking about how to respond, while not forgetting their original intentions, they introduced and guided the guests attentively. Whenever you are thinking about how to make every guest satisfied from the bottom of your heart, and how to make your favorite scale-free furniture stay with you for a long time.

Sales agency Kitaro Co., Ltd.
Operations vice president Daisuke Nagahara
Location Hokkaido Asahikawa-shi Nagayama Kita 3 6chome 3-22
TEL +81-800-800-8334
FAX number 0166-73-6957
Hours 9:30~17:00 JST
Closed Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
※ For special holidays, please refer to the calendar.
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