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Couch sofa


Solid wood couch sofa which made in Japan Asahikawa and Hida furniture

A luxurious moment at home, an extreme relaxation.

Slowly entrusting your tired body with work or housework will blow your tiredness away by the comfortable softness... The moment you lie on the sofa feels the joy of bliss that can't be replaced by anything. A large couch sofa can also stretch your legs or lie down. Not only is good furniture strong, but it is also attractive to increase its flavor over time. Our store has a lineup of only domestic products from Japan's leading furniture towns of "Asahikawa" and "Hida." We always incorporate new ideas while inheriting traditional construction methods, and we also have an abundance of sizes, designs, and more. Find the one that you can have for many years.


    MIYATA industrial



    MIYATA industrial


    Ash (Brown) Modern

    MIYATA industrial


    Oak Natural

    MIYATA industrial


    Japanese Walnut Japanese Walnut (Brown) Modern
  • LD mom

    MIYATA industrial



    MIYATA industrial


    Ash Ash (Light brown) Modern

    MIYATA industrial


    Ash Modern
  • ORGA sofa

    MIYATA industrial


    Black Walnut Modern
  • Liite sofa



    Hard Maple Black Walnut Scandinavian
  • reffine

    MUKU Kobo Original


    Oak Black Walnut Modern
  • ROLAN Sofa

    MUKU Kobo Original


    Japanese Walnut Japanese Walnut (Brown) Modern
  • Joinus Sofa

    ibata interior


    Modern Red Oak(DB) Red Oak(RFO)
  • Yasurawood sofa

    ibata interior


    Natural Red oak(RGO) Natural Red oak(RGO)
  • NEW RAPT couch sofa



    Hard Maple Black Walnut Black Cherry Modern Red oak
  • 日進木工


    Oak Modern
  • 飛騨産業


    Oak Black Walnut Beech Modern Oak (BK color) Oak (C4 color)
  • Forest words couch sofa



    Oak Black Walnut Modern