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Wooden craft using solid wood

Friendly life with a tree.

Asahikawa is located as well as a city of furniture, even "the city of wooden craft". Since I have a only of materials and technology to create high-quality furniture, it might be natural. It is there are more than 100 workshops and manufacturers in Asahikawa, craft that each personality shines is to come. Full of a lot of things, recently sought things have diversified. Precisely because such a modern, why not spend a day with one of the special "thing" in the world?
Our shop was Judiciously craft, texture and beautiful wood grain of solid wood unique, things just sophisticated come in strong and tired. "I want to boost the Asahikawa," "deliver you want something good," "I want to tell the technique to young people" .... None was filling a variety of feelings Craft, shining like a small crystal.