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Rakuten Crimson House

Rakuten Crimson House

Rakuten Crimson House is Rakuten's new headquarters building.

We have now delivered furniture to Rakuten Crimson House, a new company of Rakuten Co., Ltd., an Internet service company that competes for one or two in Japan. The large building that comes right after leaving the Futakotamagawa station is an office that is filled with carelessness that Mr. Hiroshi Mikiya, the current chairman and chairman, has taken care of since the time of its establishment. The open main entrance of the 2F had a big vision, and the company's attitude to the new office building and the company's history were introduced. In 1997, when Rakuten was founded, you knew that Rakuten had begun operations at 12 stores in a small office, and we had the opportunity to get in touch with the Crimson House and hear what it was. In this column, Vol.11, we will introduce such a wonderful office.

Rakuten Crimson House
Rakuten Crimson House

The space, such as a showroom.

The chairs and tables used in the meeting rooms for visitors were delivered from our store. The meeting room was located on the first to third floors through a bright lounge with a lot of light from the outside, and there were themes on each floor. On the 3rd floor, "centering on overseas products" on the 2nd floor was "conscious of traditional Japanese designs" and on the 1st floor was "incorporating Japanese furniture" on the 3rd floor was the 3rd room on the 1st floor of such conference room. Mr. Hiroshi Mikiya, the current chairman and chairman, said that he originally wanted to create a meeting room similar to a showroom in the Rakuten market, and that he started moving toward realizing the timing of this transfer.

Rakuten Crimson House

The opportunity is a designer.

"I remember well the reason why I encountered Asahikawa furniture this time." Mr. Sasaki, who was in charge of delivery, says. While searching for furniture in various parts of Japan, the designer was the starting point for the focus on Asahikawa furniture. When we consulted the designer who requested the construction of a new office building about the furniture in the meeting room, we introduced it to the "crawler chair," one of the products we delivered this time. The chair triggered us to talk about it, and it was delivered to three rooms in the meeting room this time. It was a MUKU chair of the appearance beautiful crawl series and the "basics of chairs" that we put in the meeting room. I was very pleased with Mr. Sasaki's statement to the question "Why MUKU chairs?" "I felt a steady technological experience in the form of the basics."

Rakuten Crimson House

The value of "solid wood".

The relocation was completed from Shinagawa in late September, and the new headquarters is the "Rakuten Crimson House" in Futako Tamagawa. We actually heard the response of people who used the system after the meeting room was opened. The first is a conference room like a showroom, a major concept. I say that I was able to express the image well. It seems that the people who use the conference listen to the impression that they are "interesting conference rooms." We did not have any chance to see it this time, but there was also a conference room with a "Japanese room" characterized by digging and seating cushions in one room of the conference room, so it was a pleasant place that I could enjoy even if I saw it by yourself. Mr. Sasaki, who started to talk, "This is a personal view." "It was a good experience to actually handle "solid top panel" in this delivery for the first time. I felt the technologies by looking at the delivered products, and again felt the feel of wood by touching them, and again felt the improvement."

Rakuten Crimson House
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