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The reviews from customers will be our driving force.

Thank you for using the MUKU KOBO. Due to the nature of the Internet, it is impossible to confirm the actual product, so we think there may be various anxieties before it reaches you. Under these circumstances, we received a lot of warm words from the customer who purchased the product. In addition, all staff members share the suggestion what customers pointed out, and we have worked to resolve the issue as much as possible in order to ensure that our customers can use our service with pleasant, such as regarding the delivery, packaging, and homepage description method. It's reference for product development to each furniture manufacturer, also we actually created furniture based on customer feedback. Here, we would like to introduce some of the customer's reviews that are the driving force behind that MUKU KOBO.

  • "The response from the furniture maker and the shop staff makes me assured."

    The staff was very kind when emailing, so the anxiety about net shopping went away completely.In addition, it is a very reliable shop because product price includes shipping and assembly fee*.(*In Japan) This store let customers feel assured with reception from furniture makers and shop staff.


  • "The problem can be resolved immediately by just calling."

    There are a lot of orders, all kinds of products need to be packed in different wrapping papers, and they don't have much time to handle ... Although there are many special requirements, the clerk still patiently helps me confirm and handle them, and will follow all the requirements in a short time Thank you very much for helping me package and send it carefully. Just looking at the name and color of the wood on the webpage didn't make me know how to choose, but it was resolved after calling.

    (40 years old / male)

  • I immediately resolved on the phone.

    This is a purchase with the table, but I was unsure of selecting the dough of the seating surface, and even though the order date is separate... It was so helpful to ship them together as I specified. Also, the shop is full of the desired products!! I think we will buy again.


  • "I am surprised at the quality of solid wood."

    The round table is marvelous.Everything in the world should be a round table.The distance to people and the space for each can also be secured, and the line of movement is also good.It's a great sentence. I like the texture of wood because it is made of solid despite this large size.