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I received from everyone voice will be our driving force.

From the customer that was, please use the MUKU workshop, it is gotten appreciate your words.
The nature of the Internet, it is not possible to ascertain the actual product for the hand, I think that there are a variety of anxiety is to arrive at hand. Under such circumstances, from customers who purchased, we had a lot of nice words.
In addition, with regard to what had you pointed out are shared by the entire staff, delivery, packing, such as that relating to HP described method, in order to enjoy comfortably available to our customers, we are also working to resolve as much as possible. Or let me as a reference for product development in each furniture manufacturer, was there also actually be furniture from your voice is born.
Here, we have become a driving force of the MUKU workshop, we will introduce a part of your voice.

  • Create a furniture craftsmen and shop clerk of the correspondence is peace of mind to support it.

    E-mail exchange is also very polite, gave me shake off the worry to buy furniture on the net. In addition, because until the assembly reached the commodity is included in the price, is very reliable shop. Support of craftsmen and shop clerk to help it to make the furniture is a shop that can be peace of mind.

    (30s / man)

  • I have ships together as specified, was very helpful.

    Is the purchase of aligned with the table, but lost to the dough to choose the seat surface, order date even separately..., Will ships together as specified, was very helpful. The still shop, so I want goods is full !! also owe you a thank you.

    (30s / woman)

  • I immediately resolved on the phone.

    The order quantity many, packing the goods of different colors in different wrapping paper to each, the date is also I've put a lot of orders and ... not very margin, Kudasari in underwriting comfortably even on the phone, a short period of time in Thank you for sending street in a polite packing order. However, we worry a little there is a place where color and the name of the tree on the net did not match, it was immediately resolved by telephone.

    (40s / man)

  • It is a surprise to the goodness of solid wood.

    It is deep I round table. World I wish I accustomed to everyone round the table. It is about I think. Distance and each of the spaces of the people also are good dynamic lines can be ensured. It is amazing of the word. I also like the texture of the tree is made of solid wood to such large.

    (40s / woman)