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Japan-made solid desk created by the Asahikawa and Hida furniture

A solid wood desk that makes you feel the quiet appearance.

"Desk" is a place where people want to immerse themselves in their hobbies and work, make-up efficiently in a relaxed space, and create a learning environment ideal for children... and create a private space for each person.There are a wide range of variations.
All the furniture we deal in is from Hokkaido Asahikawa, one of Japan's leading producers of furniture.The craftsmanship refined over a long period of history is beautifully expressed in every piece of furniture.Of course, each piece is hand-crafted, and the details are meticulously meticulous, and the details are a charm that cannot be found in cheap, mass-produced furniture.We have prepared a special item that we would definitely recommend to those who want to choose without compromise because it is a furniture that will be used for a long time.