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Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping

It was filled with the feeling of a variety of appreciation and celebration "tree of gift".

Form has continued from ancient times etc. Kaware, habit to express modest feelings of the Japanese people "packaging".
In particular the paper, it has made much of is to have a psychic nature leading to the "God" in Shinto. Samurai culture was born Kamakura period after, you're samurai etiquette, gratuity, it is etiquette, such as sorrow, rituals of the parcel will be established. This wrap act is a sacred, there is a fate by the folding of the paper, way over will be decided in the "mizuhiki" and "Works" by the content wrapping. It had been decided strictly on how to wrap from the old days, and the value of those that are in, has been considered because it was expressed in the value of the person to bring it. After that, each other overlap samurai culture and tea ceremony culture, confectionery folding of the paper wrapping is went well established.
In our shop we offer a lot of wrapping paper and ribbons to be able to correspond to various scenes of our customers. How is the tree of gifts to all means loved ones.

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