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Gogatsu Ningyo

Gogatsu Ningyo

Wooden dolls using solid wood

A stylish Boy Festival that makes you want to keep decorating.

In addition to Japan's unique customs, we actively incorporate overseas events, so the closet is full of seasonal goods at every household.In addition, some people give up on the purchase itself because there are many large items that are strict under the circumstances of modern housing, such as carp streamers and helmets.But I want to enjoy it because it's an event.
We would definitely like to recommend our store's May Doll.Since there are many events in which children play a leading role, we were particularly particular about quality and safety.The simple and stylish design doesn't make you feel uncomfortable even if you decorate it as it is after the season.It's compact, so I don't have any trouble with the place to decorate.Be sure to use it to celebrate birth, birth, and seasonal festivals.