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About Hida Furniture

About Hida Furniture

Hida's Woodworking is proud of more than 1,300 years old.

In the Hida region, approximately 95% of the area surrounded by the Hida mountains in the east and by both white mountains and steep mountains in the west is forested. With its rich natural environment in the background, the company has nurtured advanced Woodworking processing and architectural techniques since the Jomon period. It is said that over the approximately 500 years from Asuka to the end of the Heian period, a total of four to 50000 people were engaged in the construction of historical buildings, such as the Todai-ji and Horyuji, which were known by the capital and everyone. The sincere and outstanding skills and minds cultivated in Miyako-zukuri have been passed down through the ages, and have become the starting point of Hida's manufacturing.
In the Taisho era, our lifestyle has changed from Japanese to Western, and Western furniture making has begun ahead of other regions. That will lead to the birth of the current "furniture of Hida." The highest level of technology and knowledge cultivated over many years has been applied to contemporary design, and the traditions and technologies that have taken root in Hida Takayama are not limited to Japan, but are also a proud Japanese industry that has received the attention of the world.

A long-established store that challenged the creation of difficult chairs.

Today, it is one of Japan's best dining chairs, and shipped in Hida and Takayama, the nation's largest. Until 1920, however, there was absolutely no life using chairs and tables in the Hida and Takayama regions.
Chuo Woodworking Co., Ltd. (currently Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.) has thrown one stone in such a lifestyle. The beginning was the creation of a single chair. With the encouragement of the Government, the chairs of bend wood, which are still very difficult today, have been tackled. When it was bent, the wood shrunk too much and became wrinkled, and the paint peeled off. At first, it was a series of hardships. We spent as much as three years until the quality of the product has risen as we made improvements and the market has begun to develop.

Disseminate information from forests to cities and to the world.

Following Hida Sangyo, Ibata Interior was founded in 1943, Nisshin Woodworking in 2010, and Shirakawa in 35. The Takayama Woodworking Association (now the Hida Woodworking Federation) was also formed and established a firm position as a leading industry in the local community.
Around this time, Japan's housing situation drastically shifted from a chabudai in the tea room to a modern style where tables and chairs were placed in the dining kitchen. One of the factors leading the Japanese furniture industry was that furniture manufacturers in Hida and Takayama actively promoted brand appeals ahead of other production regions. We have also participated in exhibitions in Paris, Los Angeles, and elsewhere, and have expanded our recognition to the rest of the world by conducting activities.

A vision that looks ahead to the future of Hida furniture.

Hida furniture has the Hida Design Charter and five visions that look beyond traditions to see how Hida's Woodworking should be.
"Coexistence with Nature" Hida's Woodworking has been harnessed in the forest and has harnessed the forest. In order to continue sustainable manufacturing in the future, we must watch over the trees together with the people who grow the forests and work to regenerate the resources.
"people make" we are thinking about designs with the aim of enabling the craftsmen who are indispensable to manufacturing to feel joy and pride.
"Enriching the Spirit" We create designs that enrich the spirit and feel spiritual comfort in our users, and even safer and more secure.
"Making the most of tradition" While respecting traditional Japanese culture, we seek to blend with the modern age to create furniture that will continue to shine forever.
"Persistence" We will send out Japan's original furniture to the world, which can be used for a long time and can be used for a long time.

Hida Furniture Safety and Security Declaration.

"Hida furnitureis a safe and secure furniture that takes the environment and health into consideration.
"Hida furniture" is purely domestic furniture.
"Hida Furniture" has a warranty period of 10 years.
"Hida furniture" complies with laws and regulations, and endeavors to protect people's livelihoods.
"Hida furniture" passed an international standard strength test by a public organization.
"Hida furniture" uses wood that is better quality than the superior grain of wood.
"Hida furniture" aims at manufacturing based on the Hida Design Charter.
"Hida furniture" inherits the traditional techniques and hearts of Hida's masters.
(Declaration limited to wooden parts of furniture)