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Hina Ningyo

Hina Ningyo

Wooden Hina Ningyo(doll) using solid wood

Space-saving, Daughter's Day dolls.

Not only Japan's unique customs, but also overseas festivals actively, the closet is filled with seasonal-limited items. Likes Daughter's Day dolls, there are a lot of objects that are too large for modern houses, and people will have to give up when they want to buy them. But I still want to enjoy this rare festival.
The "Daughter's Day dolls" we recommend to customers who think that. There are many festivals featuring children, so quality and safety are especially important. Simple and fashionable design, even if it is left as decoration after the festival, there is no sense of conflict. Because it is small, it does not worry about whether there is room for decoration. It's suit for congratulate on production, birth, festival.