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IFFT 2014

A major event in the furniture industry proposing lifestyles.

Worldwide furniture trade show, Interior Lifestyle Living (IFFT), held at Tokyo Big Sight every November. IFFT is a major event in the furniture industry that is held as an international trade show for interior design markets "proposing lifestyles," with more than 300 Japanese and overseas companies exhibiting each year and visiting more than 15,000 visitors during the three days of the meeting. This is just a trade show, with many visitors, and we saw business discussions throughout the booth looking for the latest models in the furniture market. Of course Asahikawa furniture is also exhibited at this IFFT. This year, 12 manufacturers participating in the Asahikawa Furniture Union exhibited the product and displayed the new product. At the Asahikawa Furniture Booth, there are booths introducing the "Furniture Asahikawa Project here" and the booths of the IFDA Furniture Designer, which is held every three years in Asahikawa, which are presented in two parts together with the IFFT. Part 1 of the IFFT introduces the the Hotel and Asahikawa furniture booths in the special IFFT corners, and Part 2 introduces the exhibition manufacturers of Asahikawa furniture booths.


the Hotel

This year's IFFT conducted at the Tokyo Big Sight West Hall. At a large atrium with entrance reception, there was a special corner entitled "the Hotel" and proposing a new hotel's katachi. 40 makers of interior goods and textiles, including furniture, are each creating a unique space. Only manufacturers who choose soot as a special corner use color for sophisticated design. I was overwhelmed by a scene that I didn't see, and I was excited without forgetting about the interview. Incidentally, from Asahikawa Furniture, Conde House is developing a booth that is reminiscent of the lounge of the hotel together with a new one. Its appearance is in Part 2.


Chair in the chair.

When you enter the venue, you first stay at the eye with a "long table" placed in the center of the the Hotel, and the visitors who think about it there. This is a part of the "the Hotel" corner, which proposes new hotel interiors, and it is a pleasure corner to actually use various "chairs" gathered from the best exhibition companies. And the pleasant discovery here. This is the first chair to be placed in the birthday seat, and this is a rope chair for Asahikawa Furniture Manufacturer and yamanami, the newest work of craftsmanship. I was very proud to find Asahikawa furniture in the chair near 100 legs, which was placed in the front of me, where I got into the eyes.


Not only do we make things, but we continue to make them.

Now we have passed through many manufacturers and come to the booth of Asahikawa furniture. This area is located at the boundary between the west hall and the west two halls, which are divided into the back and left and right sides of the atrium, and is expanded to a large space of about 30 frames (1 frame =3m×3m). The loose booths also included pleasant rest spaces for visitors walking through large venues, and the free water service stations and chairs and stool gathered from various manufacturers were lined up and used by many people. Immediately after entering the atrium, there was a booth (located in the back of the yellow wall on the right side of the photo) of the "Furniture of here Asahikawa Project," which was also the concept of the Asahikawa Furniture Union. It was introduced about forests, wood, and the significance of making furniture in Asahikawa using wood from Hokkaido. Asahikawa Furniture was once again felt to be a connection between people and the local community, considering things not just to make things, but to continue to make them.


Design × leather × Asahikawa furniture.

A leather-lined chair placed only on one leg in the "Asahikawa Project for Furniture of Wood here," and the "Tack" Living Easy Chair. In fact, this chair was announced 30 years ago. Designer Noboru Nakamura wanted to create special seats for his father, and was created in collaboration with Somessaddle, Japan's only horseware manufacturer in Sanagawa City, Hokkaido, and Kandy House of Asahikawa Furniture. It was difficult to obtain leather, and production had been stopped for some time, but this time it was newly restored and unveiled. We felt that designing a product was like this: a three-dimensional leather seat surface that fits surprisingly, a reduction in transportation costs that would be perfectly flat with assembly, and a belt tightening to eliminate leather loosening caused by aging.


We encounter not only furniture but also.

The biggest harvest that came to IFFT was the abundance of furniture maker tops and designers who met them. The photo on the left is Mr. Nakamura, who designed the "tack" above, and Mr. Fujita, a representative of Kandy House. We are always able to actually meet people such as those on the screen or on clouds that were viewed from a distance, and there are no early opportunities to listen to the functions of furniture and production secrets that can not be understood just by looking at them. Mr. Nakamura asked us why he made a father's chair and why it was necessary to make it an assembly type. We at MUKU KOBO are committed to directly communicating our philosophy on products that cannot be known from their specifications.


Furniture designer's climbing gallery IFDA.

We were waiting for the winning pieces of the International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa 2014 (commonly known as IFDA), which was widely deployed in the deepest part of the Asahikawa Furniture Booth. Generally, the degree of recognition is not so high, but the IFDA is highly regarded as a climbing gate for furniture designers so that no one is knowledgeable in the furniture industry. The IFDA held in Asahikawa every three years since 1990 is the 9th time this year (as of 2014). Of the 870 designs applied from all over the world, all the top winners in 2014 were Japanese. Each selection is examined by revealing the information of the recruiter, so it is not eclipsed. The sensitivity of the Japanese has proven highly worldwide. Designs that have been applied for and passed through the primary selection will be manufactured on a trial basis for final selection with the cooperation of local Asahikawa furniture manufacturers. After that, though not all, prototypes have been repeatedly manufactured and commercialized.


The more you look at it, the more you look at it.

The IFDA is an application for design drawings and image drawings. From there, we actually produce the winning work in order to select the winning work from the design that passed the primary selection, but sometimes there are some very great designs, isn't it? In this stool, the work "intension" is designed to be fully computed with the intention of tension as its name suggests. In the drawings, it is a technology to mold complicated ones by changing the angle of each one with a material that can be folded if it is originally bent. Looking closely at the end of this thin part, the outside is on the frame, but the inside is connected to the floor, making it very fine. The Asahikawa furniture that created this, and it's very nice.


Asahikawa Furniture Initiatives.

Mr. Sugimoto, director of the Asahikawa Furniture Industries Association (Asahikawa Furniture Association) and Mr. Sugimoto, who will close the first part of the IFFT. Prof. Sugimoto has supported Asahikawa furniture as the top of the Asahikawa Furniture Center for many years. Today's Asahikawa furniture is increasingly incorporating local materials, based on the keyword "local production area use" set forth in the "Asahikawa project for wooden furniture." In order to spread the Asahikawa furniture more widely, it is said that by knowing trends other than Asahikawa furniture, we can find out the goodness of Asahikawa furniture, which we do not notice by ourselves. IFFT seems to be the venue for not only buyers but also manufacturers to investigate the markets. The IFFT in 2015 also seems to have a big idea, and I'm looking forward to it now.

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