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Kids Furniture

Kids Furniture

Asahikawa furniture make kids made in Japan (for children) Furniture

Modest to help the growth of children.

Many of the lineup, such as overturn the "children of the furniture from quickly become large enough ... Puchipuraisu" the idea. The stylish design is not a truly child-friendly, just what I could use even after grown. Because it does not rely on fashion, such as a character, you do not get bored. Of course, safety is emphasized in particular, or rounded corners so as not to damage the soft children's skin, or stuck on the material of the paint, you have attention to detail is applied.
Our products, we offer a only "Asahikawa furniture" made in Japan of peace of mind. The skills and knowledge that has been cultivated among the long history and nature, only furniture poured generously. To touch from one of the children to the good quality of natural materials is also recommended as sentiment education.