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Kids & Hobbies

Kids & Hobby

Wooden toys and toddler supplies using solid wood

Kindness of solid wood is in shape. Safety and security of the wooden craft.

Erisugura craftsmen that the high-quality materials with the craftsmanship is carefully finished, painting and shape, the safety and peace of mind subjected to careful consideration on the size made to think first "kids products" is our It is one push of.
The warmth and unfashionable designs that are not made of plastic have always healed the hearts of children and encouraged their development.With its beautiful grain and rich variety of colors, it has a colorfulness that attracts children's interest even though it doesn't use paint.The fact that the same grain doesn't exist as two is another attraction that other materials don't have.It's a stylish design that becomes an object even after you no longer grow and play.Be sure to use it for birth and other celebrations as well.