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KIri Tansu

Kiri Tansu

The Kamo Kiri Tansu which made by "Traditional Craftsmen".

A traditional Japanese craft with excellent beauty and functionality.

Kiri Tansu which has been popular since the late Edo period. Known for its high humidity control effect, paulownia is the best wood for the Japanese climate with four seasons. Compared to other wood, it has a superior flame resistance and has been used favorably in Japan, where there were many fires in wooden buildings.
In addition to its functionality, the charm of Kiri Tansu is the beauty of grain. Straight flowing grain and soft wooden skin are elegant, and are also loved as wedding furniture.
Furthermore, the Kiri Tansu, which is handled by craftsmen with the title of ' Traditional Craftsmen, ' which is a certification system of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, is nothing but an excellent product with unprecedented techniques.
Of course, we are very particular about materials, and that is a superb item that can be passed on from generation to generation. We have a large lineup of products with an arrangement that is easy to match with modern interiors. Enjoy a paulownia-filled life with the finest furniture created by Japan.