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Living Board

Living Board

Japan-made Solid living-board telephone stand to make the Asahikawa furniture

Warmth and kindness of the tree. Living board that exceeds the storage.

Living, the most prominent place among the house. Do not panic even in a sudden visitor, what is mandatory that combines the storage capacity and design. By also home, for different the size and trends of the interior of the room, is the surprisingly hard to pick the perfect dish.
The shop is furniture, size and materials, design is also a wide selection, Origin "Asahikawa, Hokkaido" production of all leading Japanese furniture. Craftsmanship that has been polished among the long history, has also been beautifully expressed in any furniture. Of course, it has been finished with a handmade one by one, the detail and attention to detail, not in inexpensive furniture that are mass-produced charm. "I want to choose without compromise because it is furniture that use long" offers a gem you want to by all means recommended for such people.