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Living Table

Living Table

Asahikawa and Hida furniture to make the Japan-made Solid living room table

Prominent presence of solid, like cafe style.

Simply having one dedicated table in a relaxing living room after a meal adds an even more luxurious feel and makes it much easier to use.There are many items other than necessary items in the living room, such as reading books, favorite drinks, remote controllers and mobile phones that should be kept at hand at all times.Design is important because it is just a place that comes into contact with customers' eyes.
All the furniture we deal in is from Hokkaido Asahikawa, one of Japan's leading producers of furniture.The craftsmanship refined over a long period of history is beautifully expressed in every piece of furniture.This furniture is difficult to replace, so find a good one and have a long relationship.A compact model that matches the housing situation in Japan is also popular.