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Mokumoku Festa 2015

Mokumoku Festa 2015

The factory, which cannot be seen normally, is open to the public.

Mokumoku Festa sponsored by the Asahikawa Woodworking Center. This event, held every summer, will be the 28th in 2015 by a manufacturing manufacturer. At the Mokumoku Festa this time, all 10 companies participated in the event, and the factories of furniture manufacturers and sawmills, which are not usual to see, were open to the public. In addition to the food and beverage corner and outlet sales corner, live performances, charity auctions, armless rings, and other events were held at the main stage. In the street event, there were many events in which parents and children could enjoy together, such as Japanese drum performances, yosako performances, and Tekodo performances by local volunteers, as well as visitor-type woodworking classes and mochi-attached experiences. Column Vol.8 introduces a partial excerpt of the state of Mokumoku Festa in 2015.

Mokumoku Festa 2015
Mokumoku Festa 2015

Wooden work class enjoyed by parents and children.

At the corner of a woodworking classroom where workpieces are made from scraps produced in the manufacturing process, all the parents and children were full of gratitude and enjoying their work throughout the meeting. In the candidatehouse-hosted wooden classroom, small furniture such as chairs and shelves can be produced with large materials. The children did not worry about the saws and drills they used for the first time, and worked diligently to shape the design in their head. In the woodworking class held at the Cosine Plant, I was pleased with the idea of making products centered on craft, such as decorating a wall-mounted clock and making molten beer, using the material of koppa, which is also a product.

Mokumoku Festa 2015

Enjoy classic play.

There was also a corner under the tent facing the outdoor street, where people could enjoy traditional playing, such as bamboo horse play, shoot and frame turning in bamboo trousers. Recent children heard that they could no longer play outside the plating, but all the children who came to the tour appeared to be pleased with their energy. I am a furniture worker as well as teaching bamboo and noodle making. The bamboo and wallet taught by a wood processing veteran was finished well up to high even when small children made them, and the children were all flying pleasantly. The koma-shin also taught enthusiastically the knack of the father and the grandfather turning well to the children, and the incandescent battle was spread out.

Mokumoku Festa 2015

I would like to do it once, with a rice cake.

Mochi is a unique event in Japan, but how much people have actually used mills and pestles to make rice cake? The mochi in the mokumokufesta case is a full-fledged mochi made with an annual mill and pestle. Many children were looking at the first time as if they were sifting through the mortar and pestle and the mochi pestle. When we learned that we could challenge ourselves, we had a long line of waiting snakes in sequence in a moment of time. The finished rice cake is also distributed to visitors, and it is sold in the meantime. In addition to the rice cake that was raised in front of the eyes, everyone was eating with a satisfactory face.

Mokumoku Festa 2015
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