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Wooden objects, figurines using solid wood

Crafts that shine the craftsman's skills in various forms of warmth of wood.

Wood is a familiar material that has a beautiful grain and a rich variety of colors, allowing you to directly feel the goodness of nature. The fact that no two woods have the same grain is another attraction not found in other materials. In addition, complex expressions are possible and there is a sense of quality, and it blends into any interior in either Japanese or Western style.
The objects selected by our shop are all stylish but also cute, and have the warmth that everyone likes. It has good compatibility with different materials such as metal and cloth, and has a rich lineup of moving objects such as mobile. Wooden objects that give a soft impression are also recommended for use in hospitals, nurseries, and stores. Of course, it is also suitble for as a celebration of opening a store or building a new one.