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Order Contract

Order Contract

■ sales agency: Corporation Kitaro
■ management Vice President: Daisuke Nagahara
■ Location: Hokkaido Asahikawa-shi Nagayama Kita 3 6chome 3-22
■ Phone number: 0166-26-7055
■ E-mail address: support@muku-shop.com
■ of application expiration date
In principle, after order confirmation (order confirmation guidance mail for), you have five days.
■ sales volume
With regard to some of the items you are limited, but it does not have particular specification.
■ payment method
Credit card, paypal, bank transfer
■ payment deadline
In the case of bank transfer, please transfer to the account of our shop specification within 10 days from the date of your order in. We will once be canceled if it exceeds 7 days. Again, so we thank you for your order.
■ necessary fee other than the commodity price
Shipping taxes, fees, customs duties, be comprehensive business tax, such as importing countries, expenses
■ delivery time
Transport area, a significant error occurs by the method. For more details, please ask.
■ return deadline
Should the initial failure of the products that are delivered, the case of a delivery accident, please contact us by e-mail or telephone within seven days after goods arrival. Exchange, will guide you about the return method.
※ If we receive returned goods contact us without, please understand that it is not possible to be able to have the receipt of goods.
※ product is published in a state close to real as possible, photographing situation, personal computer screen, the image is slightly different by such browser environment. Also because it is a commodity of natural materials, color and grain is different one by one. Please note.
※ cancellation after shipping products, such as image difference after receive, returned goods by the convenience of our customers, we will not be able to exchange hear. Humbly Please acknowledge.