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Japanese-made children furniture and partitions created by the Asahikawa furniture

Together with solid life.

The craftsmen who work on furniture in the one of Japan's leading furniture towns, Hokkaido's "Asahikawa," create beautiful and functional Woodworking products every day with the feeling of love for wood and the finest, polished techniques.This lineup is filled with the passion of such craftsmen, who imagine the lifestyle of the users, never forget the meticulous consideration that emphasizes safety, and want them to be loved for a long time as members of their families.
This is a product that is never cheap, but considering the stress of breaking it right away or buying it again and again because I don't like it, it is a definite bargain as a result.Feel such luxury with "Asahikawa Furniture" with a rich hand-feel that can only be obtained from real materials, a beautiful grain where the same thing does not normally exist, a sense of stability that does not shake...