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Japanese-made children furniture and partitions created by the Asahikawa furniture

All of life along with the innocent.

One of the leading furniture of the city Japan, craftsmen engaged in the furniture of Hokkaido "Asahikawa" is the best technology that has been carefully polished and love of wood, has produced a day-to-day beautiful and functional woodworking products. Imagine the life style of the people who use, do not forget the attention to detail with an emphasis on safety, is the number of a long time I would like you and love ... lineup that was filling the passion of such craftsmen as part of the family.
It never is not cheap goods, but, considering the stress or replacement many times not like immediately or broken, by far you pay eventually. Please feel rich texture that can only be obtained from authentic materials, beautiful grain that does not exist is the same thing as two, such a sense of stability ... a luxury that not Yuraga in "Asahikawa furniture".