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Natural wood partition, partition created by the Asahikawa furniture

Not only divide the space, design the partition.

To your favorite furniture was aligned with high-quality materials, such as those bought really in makeshift to there, things that do not want to match the cheap items. To big success in such a case is, this is the "wooden partition". This if without interfering with the other interior, likely to be able to partition the space in style. The recommended space and surrounded by inorganic equipment, as well, such as in office drifting tension. Beautiful wood grain spread wide one side is, it will surely moisten all of the human mind.
Japan's leading furniture of the city "Asahikawa" our products, which are aligned in, which was created in the skills and knowledge that has been cultivated among the long history and nature. While taking over the traditional method of construction has always also pursuing newness.

  • Flex partition

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    Oak Black Walnut Black Cherry Basswood