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旭川家具 大雪木工 trico(トリコ) AVシェルフ
<table> <tr> <th>サイズ</th> <td>W1100×D350×H350mm</td> </tr> <tr> <th>重 量</th> <td> 約11kg </td> </tr> <tr> <th>素 材</th> <td>ナラ/ウォールナット/カバ材</td> </tr><tr> <th>塗 装</th> <td>ウレタン塗装</td> </tr><tr> <th>製 作</th> <td>大雪木工(北海道東川町)※旭川家具</td> </tr><tr> <th>送 料</th> <td>無料<br />※沖縄県・離島は別途費用をいただいております。</td> </tr><tr> <th>発 送</th> <td>ヤマトホームコンビニエンス・ツーマンデリバリー</td> </tr> </table>
<table> <tr> <th>サイズ</th> <td>W1100×D350×H350mm</td> </tr> <tr> <th>重 量</th> <td> 約11kg </td> </tr> <tr> <th>素 材</th> <td>ナラ/ウォールナット/カバ材</td> </tr><tr> <th>塗 装</th> <td>ウレタン塗装</td> </tr><tr> <th>製 作</th> <td>大雪木工(北海道東川町)※旭川家具</td> </tr><tr> <th>送 料</th> <td>無料<br />※沖縄県・離島は別途費用をいただいております。</td> </tr><tr> <th>発 送</th> <td>ヤマトホームコンビニエンス・ツーマンデリバリー</td> </tr> </table>
Classification by tree species > Oak Classified by product > Cabinet > TV Board スタイル別 > Natural Classified by brand > Taisetsu Wood Work > trico グリーン住宅ポイント
Trico 110AV Shelf

TAISETSU MOKKO / Trico 110AV Shelf

The contrast of the three colors, pursuing straight beauty.

It is a stylish shelf that is also known as a broad-leaved queen and features an elegant pale pink hippopotamus, powerful pale brown wood grain, and a combination of three trees, the standard dark brown walnut for luxury furniture. Fro m the French tricolor (a combination of three colors), named Triko, this series does not dare to make the three tree species the same width, and the pop design expressing movement on the furniture is familiar to any space. We use luxuriously made using the finest oak wood carefully selected by Daisetsu Mokuko, a furniture manufacturer in Higashikawa-cho, Hokkaido, a vast area. It is carefully crafted with an exquisite balance between the latest machinery and the handiwork of craftsmen. Recently, despite the many functions and storage excellent designs, this is a delicious dish that is perfect for those who want to enjoy the natural wood texture of great nature. In addition to television, more and more people purchase these products as interior decorations, such as putting down handicrafts and ornamental plants. One of the attractions is that they can be freely changed to suit their purpose and use.

Trico 110AV Shelf

The design is excellent in the sense of stability that supports the top board and shelf board.

The slimmer depth is a pleasant compact size for Japanese housing conditions. It also creates a spacious space in children's rooms and other rooms. The 6 legs, which are even more stiff, are designed with the functionality that can support you steadily even if you put heavy AV equipment on them. If we incorporate simple and open furniture into our daily lives, nature and spirit will be enriched.

Trico 110AV Shelf

The facial expression is rich in individuality and glossy with soft light.

A fashionable top board full of natural beauty that will be deprived of your eyes at any moment. Its exquisite balance, which can be reflected in any space, is based on thick, durable oak wood, with careful wood-skin hippopotamus, and a calm colored walnut with excellent processing properties. I dared to choose a different color to enjoy beautiful details. That bustling and pop design never gets bored after years.

Trico 110AV Shelf

A technology unique to a craftsman who knows all of the solid wood.

The beautiful luster is finished with urethane coating so as not to lose its texture. As the surface is covered with resin, it is characterized by its strong resistance to scratches and dirt and excellent transparency compared to oil. The wall is touched by cutting out the space to let the cord through, so the wiring fits neatly as well. In addition, the corner in front of the top plate is rounded, making it safe even for small children and households with elderly people. The straight lines and curves combine exquisitely, giving you a thorough look at the craftsman's unique skills, who are thoroughly aware of the qualities of solid wood.


Overall dimension

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Asahikawa Furniture TAISETSU MOKKO Trico 110AV Shelf
Size W1100×D350×H350mm
Material Oak/Black Walnut/Birch
Paint Urethane
Brand TAISETSU MOKKO(Hokkaido Higashikawa)
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Price 101,700JPY (included service fee 10%)
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