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旭川クラフト 工房 かわせみ 過時木(カトキ)
<table> <tr> <th>サイズ</th> <td>W320×D40×H320mm</td> </tr><tr> <th>重 量</th> <td>1280g</td> </tr><tr> <th>樹 種</th> <td>ウォールナット/メープル材</td> </tr><tr> <th>塗 装</th> <td>オイル塗装</td> </tr><tr> <th>製 作</th> <td>工房かわせみ(北海道旭川市)</td> </tr><tr> <th>送 料</th> <td>無料</td> </tr><tr> <th>発 送</th> <td>日本郵便・ゆうパック</td> </tr> </table>
工房 かわせみ
<table> <tr> <th>サイズ</th> <td>W320×D40×H320mm</td> </tr><tr> <th>重 量</th> <td>1280g</td> </tr><tr> <th>樹 種</th> <td>ウォールナット/メープル材</td> </tr><tr> <th>塗 装</th> <td>オイル塗装</td> </tr><tr> <th>製 作</th> <td>工房かわせみ(北海道旭川市)</td> </tr><tr> <th>送 料</th> <td>無料</td> </tr><tr> <th>発 送</th> <td>日本郵便・ゆうパック</td> </tr> </table>
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Over-time tree clock (Katoki)

Studio Kawasemi / Over-time tree clock (Katoki)

The annual ring, which has been gently shredded, provides peace of mind.

Located nearly in the center of Hokkaido, which is blessed with a vast plain and rich natural environment, the Kobo Kawasemi, which continues to be created by Asahikawa, a town of Japan's leading furniture, incorporates the idea of making wood familiar and enjoying a lifestyle with wood into the work, and is finished carefully, one by one, without skipping any small products. This time, we introduced a simple and thick watch made by this workshop, which is well-suited for cute craft, using animals and natural objects such as leaves that live in Hokkaido as motifs. A smooth frame makes the room look beautiful, and easy-to-see dials can be checked thoroughly even before you go out busy. A watch that is difficult to see will no longer be used, even if it is good. In addition, the design is easy to match in both Japanese and Western interiors, and the distinction between age and gender is not felt, so it seems to be possible to continue to use it for a long time. The designer is Naoto Kanazawa, who is also a representative of the Kobo Kawasemi. Even if it is small, the material feels real because of the luxury wood grades, the texture, and the texture.

Over-time tree clock (Katoki)

The solid wood frame creates a sense of luxury.

The material is a walnut with a deep brown and calm atmosphere. One of the nameplates used in luxury furniture around the world. The frame is luxuriously made of solid wood, and the dial is finished with a thrust plate. A butt board is a plywood made by laminating a relatively inexpensive board with a thin stripped piece of high-grade wood. Nevertheless, the underlying material is plywood that uses high-quality materials and is finished with outstanding skill, so it is of the same quality as solid wood.

Over-time tree clock (Katoki)

A wooden watch that keeps track of the time that goes past.

The trade name Katoki incorporates the meaning of wood that scribes too long. Its calm atmosphere and luxury feel are recommended not only for households, but also for stores, hospitals, salons, etc. Because this watch doesn't feel busy, it's perfect for a location that you want to spend gently. In addition, metal and plastic cannot be avoided from deteriorating over time, but wood is an attractive material that produces a gentler color tone and a more elegant gloss than ever before, increasing adhesion.

Over-time tree clock (Katoki)

Butterfly key made with different tree species.

Sharp lines applied to the edges of the frame. It is effective as an accent for wooden products that tend to become monotonous. This is a process called chigiri. It is a sophisticated technique in which grooves are carved into each part to be joined and connected with L-shaped parts that fit snugly there. The tree species used in that part is maple. Although a considerably high level of technology is required to ensure that there are no gaps, it has a much more robust finish than those finished with adhesives, etc.

Over-time tree clock (Katoki)

A simple scale that isn't claimed too much.

The scale on the dial was also finished with maple, just like the milling cutter. The white wood color, in contrast to the deep Brown's Walnut, is clearly visible on the dial made of advanced technology, unlike solid wood. It is also affordable and lighter to make from solid wood, which is probably made from butt boards. The needle is also uniform in white, making it easy to see, and the movement uses common parts, and the power supply is also OK with a single AA battery. It's a smart hanging watch that is stylish but considered easy to use.




工房 かわせみ



Asahikawa Craft Studio Kawasemi Over-time tree clock (Katoki)
Size W320×D40×H320mm
Weight About 1,280g
Material Black Walnut / Hard Maple
Paint Oil
Brand Stadio Kawasemi(Hokkaido Higashikawa)
Delivery EMS

Price 14,600JPY
Extra shipping fee + Service cost 10%
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