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旭川家具 山室家具製作所 ESPOIR(エスポアール) No.65 デスク
<table> <tr> <th>サイズ</th> <td>W1200×D600×H740mm</td> </tr><tr> <th>重 量</th> <td>約33kg</td> </tr><tr> <th>素 材</th> <td>ナラ材</td> </tr><tr> <th>塗 装</th> <td>ウレタン塗装 ESP色</td> </tr><tr> <th>製 作</th> <td>山室家具製作所(北海道旭川市)</td> </tr><tr> <th>送 料</th> <td>無料<br />※沖縄県・離島は別途費用をいただいております。</td> </tr><tr> <th>発 送</th> <td>ヤマトホームコンビニエンス・ツーマンデリバリー</td> </tr> </table>
<table> <tr> <th>サイズ</th> <td>W1200×D600×H740mm</td> </tr><tr> <th>重 量</th> <td>約33kg</td> </tr><tr> <th>素 材</th> <td>ナラ材</td> </tr><tr> <th>塗 装</th> <td>ウレタン塗装 ESP色</td> </tr><tr> <th>製 作</th> <td>山室家具製作所(北海道旭川市)</td> </tr><tr> <th>送 料</th> <td>無料<br />※沖縄県・離島は別途費用をいただいております。</td> </tr><tr> <th>発 送</th> <td>ヤマトホームコンビニエンス・ツーマンデリバリー</td> </tr> </table>
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ESPOIR No.65 Desk

Yamamuro Furniture / ESPOIR No.65 Desk

A desk where you can use it for a long time without getting tired of studying or working.

Yamamuro Furniture Works was established in 1944 in Asahikawa, one of Japan's leading furniture-making communities.
Even now that inexpensive furniture is available, we are still fascinated by the luxury and durability that only genuine products possess, the reliable materials, and the careful work of craftsmen who have reached every corner. It's a big product that I can't replace often, so even if it's a little expensive, I want to choose it and use it for a long time... maybe that's what I take for granted. "This "No.65 Desk 1200" is one of the lineups of the company's popular series "ESPOIR (Espoir)," which cherishes such priorities and produces furniture on a daily basis.
The category is "Work Desk", and it is an attractive machine that can simultaneously accommodate two types of "attractive" and "closing".The flowing wood grains unique to natural wood are beautiful, and the modest decorations that do not interfere with the material create a luxurious feel."

ESPOIR No.65 Desk

Beautiful Hokkaido growers with chic colors.

The ingredients are mizunara grown in Hokkaido. "The rough wood grain is popular, and the silver grain "Torafu" that occasionally appears is a yearning for furniture collectors." We have carefully painted it with high quality urethane so as not to damage the texture of such high quality materials. "Using colors called "ESP colors", the original colors are made into a more familiar and calm atmosphere." Of course, even if the products are the same, they are "one-of-a-kind" without the same wood grain as the two.

ESPOIR No.65 Desk

"The original engraving,To the accent of the desk."

On the handle of furniture in the "Espoir" series, the cute "kazaguruma" motif is engraved. This is a particular part that the craftsman finished one by one with hand carving. The rounded handle's texture is smooth, allowing you to feel the warmth and gentleness of the tree whenever you touch it. "By the way, "Espoir" in the series name means "hope" in French." I pray that the place this furniture visits may be filled with hope.

ESPOIR No.65 Desk

"A4 size can be stored,Easy-to-use drawers."

Among the 5 drawers, the upper tiers at both ends are large enough to fit the A4 size. Every document you usually use, such as a notebook or a clear file, can be finished here, and there's no doubt the work will be done. Complete your favorite work desk by, for example, storing stationery that you frequently put in and out in the small drawer in the center closest to your body when you sit down. The fragrance of a faintly drifting tree will relieve the stress of your work.

ESPOIR No.65 Desk

"Because it is beautiful,As a dresser."

This product is made as a desk for work, but its beautiful wood grain and classical design also demonstrate its functionality as a "dresser." Small cosmetics such as compact, eye shadow and pencil are stored in the upper level. By the way, the deep drawer on the lower level is 16.5cm in height, so you can get rid of relatively tall and bulky items such as bottles for basic cosmetics, nail supplies, and cotton.


Overall dimension

Inner dimension
①In the drawer W345×D370×H50mm
②In the drawer W140×D370×H50mm
③In the drawer W140×D370×H165mm

Veneer※Other parts are solid wood











Asahikawa Furniture Yamamuro Furniture ESPOIR No.65 desk
Size W1200×D600×H740mm
Weight About33kg
Material Oak(ESP color)
塗 裝 Urethane
Brand Yamamuro Furniture(Hokkaido Asahikawa)
Delivery TNT

Price 190,300JPY (included service fee 10%)

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