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Round Table

Round Table

Japan-made solid round table created by the Asahikawa and Hida furniture

Grain of solid invites to the healing of time.

Because of people's face looks, conversation momentum likely "round table".Any position easy to take even cooking sitting in, you can attentive casual customers.Also although the corner area compared to the table is a little small, a safety for the corner (excessive) is not, the best dish in your home there are more of the children and our elderly.Just because there is also a place to touch your eyes, design is important.
All of the furniture that are covered in our shop, Origin "Asahikawa, Hokkaido" production of Japan's leading furniture.Craftsmanship that has been polished among the long history, has also been beautifully expressed in any furniture.Because replacement is difficult furniture, find and a long acquaintance good ones.Japan compact model that matches the housing situation is also popular.