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Side Board

Side Board

Japan-made solid sideboard created by the Asahikawa furniture

Highlight development in the beautiful form of craftsmanship skills.

There are too many things that can not be thrown away, so I can not always find what I really need. I have no time to clean up, is there a place to finish? This "sideboard" is useful when you think about it.
All the furniture of our shop which had the size, the material, and the design abundantly abundantly come from Hokkaido Hokkaido Asahikawa, one of the leading furniture production areas in Japan. The craftsmanship that has been refined in a long history is beautifully represented on any piece of furniture. Of course they are handcrafted one by one, and the details that are particular about the details are not attractive to mass-produced cheap furniture. "We want to choose without compromise because it is furniture that uses for a long time" We offer special items that we would like to recommend by all means.