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Solid Table

Solid Table

Japan-made solid single plate table created by the Asahikawa furniture

Feel the breath of nature, full of personality single plate.

A single plate that boasts a dignity that is unrivaled by top panel, who have been cutting out natural trees as they are.The rich atmosphere doesn't just go beyond a table, it seems like a work of art.Of course, it's not cut as it is, but we have carefully processed and finished it with emphasis on usability.A stylish lineup that matches modern interiors is also attractive.
All the furniture we deal in is from Hokkaido Asahikawa, one of Japan's leading producers of furniture.The craftsmanship refined over a long period of history is beautifully expressed in every piece of furniture.This furniture is difficult to replace, so find a good one and have a long relationship.Enjoy the luxury of not having the same top panel as two.