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Switch Plate

Switch Plate

Wooden switch plate made of solid wood

Decorate the interior with solid wood.

The switch plate is an item that you will see many times in a day, but it has not changed since the beginning. Because many people touch it many times a day, it is a place that is easily soiled. The dirt is not easy to fall off after wiping, and the same style always looks tired... What we recommend at this time is the "wood" switch plate selected by our store.
High-quality and casual high-level sense, adapt to the lineup of all shapes, and is characterized by a simple design, regardless of the Japanese-style or Western-style space can be use. Because it is a design that can be easily installed by anyone, women or elders who are troubled by operation can feel at ease. This product with a soft and warm impression is recommended for use in hospitals, nurseries or shops.