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Japan-made Solid table created by the Asahikawa and Hida furniture

Fine grain is a gathering place of solid wood.

The furniture "table" determines the impression of the house.The grain that spreads over a large top panel looks like it will heal you from the bottom of your heart just by looking at it.It's a product that I want to stick to because it's used many times every day and it's something that also touches the eyes of customers.
At our store, we only have a lineup of products from Asahikawa, one of Japan's leading furniture towns.
We have chosen furniture that has generously poured in the skills and knowledge that have been cultivated over a long period of time and in the midst of nature.This commitment begins at the point of making the material, and we can complete the process with a thorough management system ranging from natural drying to artificial drying.Natural ingredients such as "warping, wood knot, and coloring" are arranged in the right place, balancing them with legs and chairs, and they are reborn into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind table.