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Wooden tableware using solid wood

Ingredients to exquisite, colorful gently every day of the dinner table.

When it comes to tableware, it is generally made of ceramics, but the soup bowl is made of wood.The reason is that it is "a material that is hard to convey heat."When drinking soup, most countries use spoons.But in Japan, I drink it with my lips directly attached to the bowl.If the pottery is made of ceramics then, it cannot be held hot, nor can the lips touch.It can be said to be a vessel created by a culture unique to Japan.
This property is convenient not only for soup bowls, but also for mugs, reducing the stress of eating.Of course, it also has properties that make it easy for water to soak in, so it has been carefully painted with harmless urethane to improve its waterproofing and anti-fouling properties.Any Japanese or Western dish can be used, and moreover, it's light and hard to break, so it's perfect for kids and the elderly.It is a wooden bowl that is not only easy to see but also easy to use.