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Taiwan Kitaro

Taiwan Kitaro

Making "MUKU KOBO" a Global Brand.

In April 2015, MUKU KOBO launched a local subsidiary in Taiwan, an Asian corner, and started a local net-sales business. Until now, we have sold this product to the domestic market, but we have taken a new first step toward making Asahikawa furniture and Asahikawa craft into global brands. Column Vol.10 introduces MUKU KOBO Taiwan, taking into account the situation of Taiwanese furniture. There are direct empty flights to Taiwan from various places in Japan, and they can go from Asahikawa in about four hours. (Asahikawa-Tokyo is one and a half hours away), and in a sense is very close to Japan, with a distance of more than 100km from Yonaguni Island, the most southern island in Japan. It has almost the same area as Kyushu, and the population is about 23 million. Taipei City, the capital city, is located at the northern end of the island, allowing you to see a tasty, deep townscape that combines history and tradition with modern and cutting-edge.

Taiwan Kitaro
Taiwan Kitaro

Taiwan closely resembles the housing situation in Japan.

Taiwan has a large mountainous area, and its population is densely populated in small plains. Because large numbers lived on narrow lands, the housing struggled together and stretched upwards. Especially in Taipei City, most people live condoms similar to those of the metropolitan areas in Japan. For such a small room, many of the furniture sold are top-class furniture. The price is just like buying a car, and it's just the size that a room is filled up with a single place. There is no reach or place to purchase furniture with excitation. Ah, it's somewhere small, affordable and cute, but it doesn't have a solid furniture to make... A MUKU KOBO knowing such a situation. So, Asahikawa Furniture is reasonably affordable and has outstanding design power. Furthermore, we sell solid wood. This is not perfect for Taiwan! I thought that.

Taiwan Kitaro

Taiwan online shop opened.

If so, the MUKU KOBO decided to move into Taiwan. In April 2015, two Japanese residents visited Taiwan, and in June of the same year, an online shop in MUKU KOBO Taiwan was opened with three local recruits. At first, we have prepared the inventory from Asahikawa craft, which is easy to transport, and the facility for laser engraving, which is also a selling MUKU KOBO, has also been prepared. Furniture for display is also gradually being sent in, and preparations for opening a showroom are steadily progressing. Facebook pages are also highly regarded so that they can be used for 20,000 pages in the first few months. In October, the WEB team staff in Japan visited the site and exchanged technology, and they conveyed the WEB knowledge accumulated in Japan. MUKU KOBO Taiwanese has just begun, but we have been able to make a good start that we can expect in the future.

Taiwan Kitaro
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