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TV Board

TV Board

Asahikawa Furniture made domestic solid TV stand, TV board

High quality solid wood produces a natural feeling.

Recently, large LCD TVs have become commonplace, and all kinds of products such as peripheral devices and game consoles are on the market. It is a difficult task to clean them up. Software, manuals, remote control, etc. can not be found only when you say it, it's hard to clean up and always the back is full of dust ... such a kind of stress that will relieve all such stress, "sense board" functional "TV board" Stocked.
All the furniture we handle in our shop is from Hokkaido Asahikawa, one of Japan's leading producers of furniture. The craftsmanship that has been refined in a long history is beautifully represented on any piece of furniture. Of course they are handcrafted and finished in detail, and the details are intriguing, which is an attraction not found in mass-produced cheap furniture.